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Originally Posted by CardPuncher View Post
No objection here, but I must be missing something. With the drywall anchor loaded as the 6th round, after 5 shots you pull the trigger and nothing happens so you eject the drywall anchor. That leaves the gun cocked. If the DWA (Hey!! A new acronym!!!) had not been there the bolt would have locked back after the last round and the gun would be cocked when you closed it. So either way, if you want to leave the gun uncocked, you still have to dry-fire it once.

If the suggestion is that on your last string of shots you finish with the DWA and don't eject it until you're ready to shoot again - that's an excellent idea for those who are worried about EDF (Excessive Dry Firing).
Well, the assumption is, and maybe wrongly so, in a few cases, that now, the shooter just might think, OH GEE!, I'm out of bullets. Hopefully, they remember what they did when they used the wall anchor. Now, I need to lock the bolt back and inspect my chamber, like all SRO's require. Then, insert another wall anchor, close the bolt and pull the trigger in a safe direction. All the above info doesn't need to go any further than where it is currently!

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