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EST Mount on Izhmash Sobol

Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
Scope Mount Solution III ... EST Bracket C for Sable (Sobol) rifles.

This is a photo I found of the EST mount on an Izhmash Sobol.
Note the finger tightening knobs on the base.
Sight with the bracket can be easily removed or installed on the weapon.
The apparent advantage of the bracket is that while you can use
an optical sight and open sight rifle.

Tighten the nut 4.
Shaking his sight, make sure the reliability of its consolidation.
With the help of "amplifier", for example, a coin,
tighten the compression nut until it stops.

I wonder if there is enough clearance at the eye piece
to remove the toggle bolt pivot pin.
A moot point if the mount is easily removable and will re-zero.
However, there is no mention of return-to-zero capability.

High mount in-order to be able to use the factory iron sights.
If you enlarge the image the rear sight blade can be seen
though the mount sight tunnel.
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