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On the Same Page

Originally Posted by ERdept View Post
I asked the sling quetion to Kevin6q via email here's what he said about why they DON'T use slings.......
midwest swiss, PixelPaul, Biathlonboy and Kevin6q all seem to be on the same page.

Originally Posted by midwest swiss View Post
(Here is a quote from a book Small Bore Rifle shooting)
The gunsling is of little or no advantage in standing position.
I also just dusted off 3 more of my 3P books & they all said the same thing.
Originally Posted by PixelPaul View Post
In biathlon events the sling is not used during standing shooting.
It is legal to do so, but nobody does it.
Originally Posted by Biathlonboy View Post
I have never seen a top level biathlete using a sling for offhand as long as i have been competing.

Because time is also a factor in biathlon (When i first started racing i lost places to people in the shooting range... even when we both hit the same number of targets, just becuase they got in and out of position faster than i did.) It would not make sense to change your sling length during a race.
Kevin6q ... The sling is used for prone and it might also need to be adjusted
for offhand shooting and this takes too much time.

In world Cup races the difference between winning and not
being on the podium can be 10 seconds.
At that level they hit most of what they aim at.
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