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Two More Cents: Standard Velocity Ammo VS High Velocity Ammo

Using higher velocity ammunition will increase recoil and slide velocity.
As a result, the lighter slide return spring may allow the recoiling slide
to be stopped by striking the pistol frame.

Some target pistols, such as the Colt Gold Cup National Match,
should not be routinely fired using full-power ammunition.

However, I've known some Gold Cup owners who were not hand-loaders.
They'd regularly fired their Gold Cup's with GI-spec hard-ball ammo
during in-formal practice sessions.

Albeit inexpensive practice compared to match ammo.
But, hard on the pistol.
Unless the recoil spring is replaced with a stiffer, full-strength unit,
they were needlessly battering their match pistol.

I've also known some S&W 41 owners that are not particular
about the ammunition they fire - Std Vel or Hi Vel ammo, not an issue.
Never heard anyone complain of ammo related problems.

I own a S&W 41 with a 5 1/2 inch barrel that I bought new.
My pistol has only been fired only with Standard velocity ammo.
I'll be very surprised if I ever have a problem with my S&W 41.

And, no, I never fire Hyper Velocity ammunition.
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