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I was hoping that he would be able to thread the new barrel on....
Then again, I've only seen one in person (and KICK my own butt for not buying it on site).
I didn't think to look at the receiver-barrel mounting then. Now all I have to look at are fairly small pictures.
I'll just have to call him and find out.

And on a side note.
I don't suppose that any of you might know of any sites that would carry Birds-eye maple for a rifle stock (Mannlichers style)
I was talking to Mr. Gatewood about this project about a year ago. I just haven't found the wood yet.
This would be the rifle it would go on.
Thanks again


I just called the nice people at Altius (I guess my e-mail had just gotten lost in the ether : ). The person I talked to was happy to answer my question(s).
The barrel is epoxied in (from the factory). When the new barrel is installed, it is press fit in. I was told that it would be about $500 for the new barrel (Krieger) and installation. And about $100-150("ballpark figure") to have the left-hand crossover installed.
And the 17HMR shouldn't be a problem.

So when I head out for my next "deployment" (if you can call 130 days a deployment), Ill send my rifle (when I get it) to him for the work.
I'm also looking at a Leupy' VX-7L 3.5-14 for it (after the stock in done)

"Bob" Barker

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