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Guess you win some, lose some.

Put together a TD for my son, and granddaughters to learn on. A Backpacker stock, stock receiver, Pike Arms stainless barrel, Ruger BX trigger, Holosun 503GU Red Dot, extended mag release, poly buffers, and auto bolt return. Shoots beautifully and we are both delighted with its accuracy.

Itís a light compact long gun that the kids will find quiet and easy to shoot. Just bought the new Holosun X3 Magnifier as my eyes are not as good as they once were and would like to tighten up my groups at 100yds.

It packs up small to tote down to the range in a small Pelican tool case we put some foam rubber into. The Red Dot stays on and the Magnifier has a QR mount so will pop on and off quickly.

As a small fun gun thats cheap to run, it a multi-purpouse, HD, Bug-out, first gun for the young.

I love it and just wish I had got one years ago.
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