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aren't determinative of relative accuracy with a specific rifle

Zuk, that bit of verbage I'll disagree with.

No rifle can make cr*p ammo produce consistent trajectories.
If it has inconsistent primer/powder amounts, asymmetric bullets, variations in seating,
you end up with differences in mv and aerodynamic interactions which are external ballistics.
Well made ammunition will always produce more consistent results than poorly made.
Claims that a rifle did better with a specific brand are usually based on a minimum of shots sent.
I like to call them random acts of accuracy. Runs of cartridges that are better than the norm.
I've had sub-moa groups at 100 yards with bulk Fed 36 gr cphp, that's not going to mean the rifle
"liked" Fed 36 gr cphp, but that those particular cartridges were of better quality than the rest.

Did that make sense?
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