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Originally Posted by Chaser View Post
Yupp.. I tell ya almost nothing about these 10/tweekie2's is identical.. almost/sorta/kinda is a pain.. that's why I mentioned spreading the pin.. and the JB Weld is a nice touch Another method I remember using to spread the pin is clamping it in ViceGrips or the Bench Vise to give it a tad OVAL shape.. bingo.
When I was using the JB Weld I was thinking why not use the JB and make a bridge across the firing pin channel then when it is dry go in with a needle file and file the JB enough to let the firing pin through. If you were careful you could make the opening just a few thousands bigger than the pin. There is virtually no upward pressure from the firing pin so I would think the JB would last forever.

Thoughts ?
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