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I've read (somewhere) that there were some Pattent issues limiting aftermarket
parts and upper development for the MK IV. That said I do believe that the folks at Volquartsen will eventually get the green light.

Just buy a threaded MK IV now and you can always upgrade the upper/lower down the line should you feel the need.

FWIW, My 6" Scorpion (with sights and comp) weighs in at around 35 oz. My threaded 5.5" Threaded Target model (40163) is less than an ounce heavier heavier at 35.6 oz. The 22/45 Tactical or Lite models are even lighter but still threaded.

Personally, I have no issues with the Ruger MK IV Frames (as long as the triggers are upgraded.) You can usually find them for sale on gun broker.
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