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Originally Posted by 98_1LE View Post
No. Most machine guns are either closed bolt locked breech (e.g. M16), or open bolt blowback (e.g. Thompson, Mac/M11, Uzi).

The 10/22 kit is unique that is it closed bolt blowback operated. The weight in the bolt is designed to prevent the bolt from bouncing, by slamming into the bolt just after the bolt closes. This is to make sure the bolt is closed when the hammer comes forward. If the bolt is not closed, the hammer won't get a full/good strike.

One other gun that is a little bit similar is the FN P90. It has an anti-bounce weight on the bolt, looks a lot like the Norrell bolt. The P90 has an action that is delayed blowback, the barrel recoils for a short distance with the bolt.
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