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Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
I am NOT a believer in the 22 lr as a defense (or offense) round but one of these would be devastating at 100 yards and less. It was easy to keep all ten rounds into a 12" circle at 100 yards even in a driving rain and that was well under 1 second as far as I can tell. ...
I've had more than one 10/22 project do double and triple tap bursts when the springs were too light. Replacement of those solved the issue, at least for me.

Regarding the American 180:
The A180 was adopted by the Utah Department of Corrections to arm prison guards.

Despite the relatively low power of the .22 LR round, testing demonstrated that automatic fire could penetrate even concrete and bulletproof vests from cumulative damage. However, the target would have to remain still for an improbable amount of time to allow the cumulative damage to amass in the same area to achieve this.

Random YouTube video of one being fired.
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