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I did the test

I tested my 10/22, with the bolt that I radiused or chamfered some 15 years ago.
Using primed .22 rimfire cases, I was able to get out of battery firing when I pulled the bolt back about 1/2 a millimeter, or about .019 inch, and holding it there with one hand while pulling the trigger with the other hand.

Pulling the bolt back a couple of millimeters resulted in no pop; the hammer would strike the bolt itself rather than the end of the firing pin on the top of the back of the bolt. If I did not have live, primed cases in the gun I might have mistakenly thought it would shoot, because of the loud metallic "click" of the hammer dropping. But when it's 2 mm out-of-battery, the bottom of the bolt itself acts as a hammer block safety.

So many 10/22 owners think their guns will fire out of battery because they hear the hammer drop; but that's not how you can know for sure.

(I'm not sure how my gun would perform at exactly 1.0 mm out of battery; I had trouble holding the bolt back, consistently, to such a small degree. When I tried to test it at 1 mm, I wound up pulling it back to 1.5 or 2 mm, or letting it creep forward to around 0.5 mm before I'd get the hammer to drop. And I only made a few primed cases to experiment with.)
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