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Out of Battery firing?

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Do you think that doing the radius / chamfer on your Ruger 10/22's bolt increases the risk of having an out of battery firing? Suppose a dirty or misshapen cartridge doesn't fully seat in your chamber. Your bolt slams it, but the bolt stops about 1 mm or 2 mm short of fully forward. If you pull the trigger with the bolt partially open this way, will the hammer smack the back of your firing pin and detonate the round?
If your bolt is not modified with the radius or chamfer job, the hammer will strike the bottom edge of your bolt long before it can reach the top edge, where the Ruger 10/22's firing pin is. But the more you grind off the lower edge of the back of your bolt, the more you allow the hammer to come forward before it impacts the bolt if the bolt isn't fully seated. Right? Seems so to me.

I had a minor ka-boom with my 10/22 last week, and the case ruptured just forward of the rim, and took out about a 3 mm wide band of brass about 70% around the circumference of the cartridge (a Remington Thunderbolt). My bolt has been radiused, as of 10 years ago. I've shot a lot of ammo thru the gun since the bolt modification, but perhaps last week I got a combination of an out-of-spec round that didn't fit correctly in the chamber, and the bolt failed to push the cartridge all the way home, leaving a bit of the case unsupported and hanging in the air between the bolt and chamber when it detonated.

Does that sound plausible?

Have any of y'all actually tested your 10/22's to see how far your bolt can go back and still have the hammer drop, and strike the firing pin hard enough to dent your rim on the case?
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