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Hope that saying mine did not function properly right out of the box does not violate the rules here.

I did contact the Company, great people, and said that it would fail to eject at least two rounds of every fill (CCI 40 gr jhp-'Choot em-) It is back at MR and the initial thoughts from the Company was that the magazine was suspect but that the rifle should be sent back to be checked.

Promptly sent a UPS ticket-am curious as to if others have had this issue-strongly considering getting rid of it as soon as I get the rifle back, and of course verify that it has indeed been fixed, don't want to stick some other person with a bad one.

Now two in a row, the fake Steyr RFR and now issues immediately with a MR.

Hope the last comment was not -mean- but I'll find out, perhaps another pm with a stern warning about trying to make sure others know of issues.

Back in your court Mods.
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