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Hey yote, I know this thread is now a bit old, but was curious about what glass you settled on? I'm brand new to the forums and brand spanking new to the 22wmr. I grew up shooting 22lr from the time I could steady it, but never shot 22wmr until I found an old Chuckster with teeny tiny glass on it (circa 1960) that was my great grandfather's crow/rabbit/groundhog gun. I immediately knew that I wanted MORE of the 22wmr and ended up stumbling upon an MLR in the hogue stock with VQ stainless unfluted barrel and the VQ trigger group for a deal at this past weekend's gun show! It came topped with a Leupold VX II in 2-7x30 and I've been quite impressed with the setup! It is absolutely the perfect truck gun and I am never without it or my S&W model 17 while I'm out on the farm!
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