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Mark III Sights

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I have had my Mark III for a long time now and I love to shoot it. I don't wear glasses but last year I was studying my sight picture and thought my front sight top looked crooked or uneven.

I called HiViz and spoke to them for a few minutes. They wanted me to send a picture of the sight to them. They sent me a replacement sight with not much explanation.

I installed it but the top of the sight still looked uneven to me. I put it on an optical comparator and it reads flat to the base of the sight. I don't know. I guess it might not be mounted square to the centerline of the barrel, anyway, today I was looking at my rear sight and wondered if it was canted a bit. There was some play in the elevation leaf.

I pushed the pivot pin out and was surprised to find a solid pin in it and I noticed as the pin was passing through, it had taken some of the play out of the one side. It was worn in several spots.
I had a split pin the right size and installed it and things are better now.

Then I gave up and took a diamond file to the top of the front sight until it looked perfectly flat/level/square.

Originally when the gun was new it had the V blade in the rear and I couildn't get it sighted in. I called Ruger and yea, the wrong blade was in there. I got a square notch for a replacement anyway.

Rear sight at one time worked its way loose and it was shifting over time.

Front sight actually came loose one time as well.

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