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Razor 10/22 Magnum Main Spring tension adjustment Knob (Easy Tuning))

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After buying my Razor 1022 magnum receiver I didn't like the idea of having to cut, stretch, plug, shorten mixn match and fiddle with every possible spring combination to get this thing to cycle correctly. There had to be a better way to adjust this thing. So I took a break from the receiver to reload some 7.62x54R for my PSL, and while looking at the powder adjustment screw on the Hornady powder measure the Idea came to me. A Threaded Adjustment Knob to increase or decrease the spring tension to help with tuning. Here is what I came up with:

(1) 5/16-24 Internal, 7/16-20 External Thread Locking Repair Insert

(1) 5/16-24 fully threaded cap screw

(1) 5/16-24 jam nut

(2) 22 Magnum Main Spring Follower

(1) boltspring

1. plug both ends of the spring with the mainspring followers into receiver
2. Screw in the thread locking repair insert which replaces the original set screw
3 Screw in the 5/16-24 screw with nut into repair insert.

now that it's all set up, use the screw to tighten the tension until the cases start to eject in the desired pattern. you may have to trim the screw once or swap it for a heavier spring to get desired results. Once you get it right, just lock down that nut against the receiver and your gun is set. I think you can ever leave it cocked indefinitely without the worry of losing spring tension since you can adjust it again if needed.

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