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Differences in Standard Magazines or Magazine Catches

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Today I was shooting my 1964 RST-6. I usually use two magazines with it, both original magazines with the channel for the follower button only on the right side. The magazine that came with the pistol has never given me an issue, but the other magazine is difficult to remove as the magazine catch catches the seam between the chromed base and the magazine body.

Looking at the two magazines, there seems to be subtle differences. I think the reason for the second magazine being caught is the chromed base can move a tiny bit, allowing the magazine catch to grab the magazine body. I have considered filling in that gap with a bit of Bondo and then sanding it flat.

I also tried a modern Mark I magazine with the silver base as well as Mark II magazine on which I flipped the follower button from the left side to the right side. Both of those magazines also allow the magazine catch to grab the under side of the magazine body. It appears the magazine catch lip is just thin enough to get between the base and body.

I have a spare Volquartsen extended magazine release that I may swap into the pistol. I am not too fond of this as the pistol, other than finish, is 100% stock. It is the exact model I used for my first shots in 1973.

All of this looks like the impact of tolerance stacking on pistols made over seventy-plus years.

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