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I have done some pretty extensive testing with mine, at least with the ammo I have...

Winchester Super X White Box 222, 333, 555 bulk pack runs like garbage in it - failure to extract, lots of duds (or at least won't fire even spinning it and putting it back in)

Winchester Super X Super speed 40 grain plated round nose 100% reliable

CCI mini mag 100% reliable

Federal 36 Grain jacketed Hollowpoint 100% reliable

Armscor 36 grain (?) jacketed hollowpoint 100% reliable

Remington Yellow Jacket very reliable, one dud in 50 or so rounds

Aguila Super Extra 40 grain plated round nose 100% reliable

Blazer lead 40 grain round nose mostly reliable. had a couple duds in about 80 rounds tested - dirty ammo.

This gun is not made for shorts, but I had to try- Remington golden bullet HV SHORTS 100% fire, none extract and none load from mag well -

I did not try any standard velocity as the manual says use High velocity - I imagine the OP may have issues with auto match because it is only like 1050 FPS, and I have had better luck with over 1200 fps
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