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It's just experience speaking. I started out with an Annie 64, then got a 40x now I have a Hall. For the cost of the Annie and the 40x I could have started out with the Hall. It did require some detailing work. So does the Suhl rec. The Hall bolt almost opens itself. The Suhl bolt will always be a wresting match in comparison. Anytime you drop an unexpected point you are thinking "Did I unsettle the rifle in the bags when opening the bolt?"

Over my life I have gained a tremendous amount of experience in the realm of 'false economy'. Spending $1500 on a $500 rifle is a perfect example. Spending $2000 on a $2000 rifle is just good sense.

If you get a Suhl like Derek's then put a tuner on it. Maybe even put one of Don's stocks on it [ as long as you can do it yourself ]. But when you start thinking of threading the rec and adding a better bbl STOP.

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