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Closer look at Hm2 round (CCI vmax 17 grain) and Hornady vmax 17 grain

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I got curious and broke down a couple cci rounds.
First let me say weighing cci and Hornady hm2 with the 17 grain vmax. Seems overall weights will come in between 29.4 grains and 29.9 grains.
So some folks may be curious as to exaclty what is different between different weighing cartridges from the same box. I should also mention I have weighed several spent Hornady cartridges and spent case weight seems is real consistent. Most deviation noted was a few weight .1 grain heavier.

Ok for this experiment I only broke down 2 cci cartridges one weight overall 29.4 grains the other weighing 29.9 grains on my scales.

Here is the breakdown of each cartridge with each component weighed.

First the 29.4 grainer cartridge.
Bullet weighed 17.1 grains.
Case + powder + primer weighed 12.3 grains
Powder weighed 2.7 grains
Case + primer with powder removed 9.6 grains

Next the cartridge weighing 29.9 grains
Bullet weighed 17.0 grains
Case + powder+ primer weighed 12.9 grains
Powder weighed 2.9 grains
Case + primer with powder removed weighed 9.9 grains

My scales calibrated and supposed to be accurate to .1 grains.

So sorting ammo may indeed yield better results in the field group wise especially as distance grows. Based on just these 2 cartridges weights and breakdown.

I may break down a few more cartridges weighing overall 29.9 grains.
There are few of these per box of 50 it seems. See if case weight is up on these like the one above. And the powder weight.

Might turn out culling just these might help without sacrifice too many cartridges and keep group potential odds wise up.

Will break down about 3 more weighing 29.9 both cci and Hornady and see the deal.
Will post here.
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