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"Shot Show-2006" (USA)

Originally Posted by Looter View Post
.... Winchester has no doubt singned an exculsive contract with TOZ to sell the rebadged 78 wildcat....
Winchester may have exclusive right to the TOZ 78-12.
But, it does not appear to be at the exclusion of all other TOZ 78 models from the U.S. market.
And, there is no indication the Winchester is going to, exclusively, distribute the full line of TOZ 78 models.

Such an arrangement would engender some form of formal announcement.
I haven't seen any indication of the sort from TOZ-News or Winchester-Product Information & News Articles.

However, it is possible such an arrangement may be in the works - in due course.

2006 JSC "Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod"

In the course of "SHOT SHOW-2006" (USA) the representatives of TOZ conducted fruitful talks with the dealers in the USA and Canada, Latin America, Australia and Oceania. The participation in the show has become a tradition allowing Tula enterprise to successfully penetrate new markets. The presentation of the small calibre carbine TOZ-78-12 that is expected to appear in the market of the USA under the brand of "Winchester Wildcat" was especially favorable.
The XXXIII International Fair IWA (10 - 13 March) has finally determined the priorities in the geographical distribution of export deliveries in 2006. JSC "TOZ" exhibited its products there as a part of the unified exposition of the Russian Gun-Makers Union. New modern design booths, posters emphasized the unified corporate style of the enterprise.

Out of the whole number of the articles the following set of small calibre carbines roused with the visitors the highest interest:
TOZ-78-04L - export variant with an improved stock;
TOZ-78-05 - "Varmint";
TOZ-78-17- a model specially adapted for the North American market;
TOZ-99 - a self-loading small-calibre carbine.
TOZ-78-17 is typographical error ... should read -12
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