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Protecting Magnetic Probe While Using a Cleaning Rod ... Clothes Pin Block

Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
I'd go to the nearest hardware store and buy a self-tapping sheetmetal screw the next size (diameter) larger.
Well instead of taking my own advice going to the hardware store ... I bought a new Daisy 880
to repair my rifle.
The magnetic probe tip had broken-off while inserting a hard to chamber pellet.
This was the second-time the probe has come-off this rifle.

A couple of weeks after I purchased this particular 880 I was running some cleaning patches through the bore.
When one patch became nearly stuck in the barrel.
With a forceful shove, the patch broke-free and the cleaning rod tip hit the probe ... hard.
The end result, I had to disassemble the 880 to epoxy the magnetic-tip back into place.
During reassembly, I stripped a receiver screw.

But, I knew ... with time and use ... the probe would come-off again.
So, instead of waiting for repair parts from Daisy, I bought a new rifle.
If the rifle were to turn-out accurate, I'd keep her in service.
Conversely, if the rifle did not meet my expectations for accuracy ... I'd cannibalize the new 880 for parts.
Turns-out, I ended-up with an 880 for spare parts.
As accuracy was unremarkable.

However, I did learn how to protect the magnetic probe from a being struck by a cleaning rod tip.
I now insert a clothes line pin into the breech.
The clothes line pin serves as as block preventing the cleaning rod tip from contacting the bolt probe.
I do the same thing with my Crosman M4-177/M417 and Crosman MK-177 when I'm running patches through them.
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