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I put a new scope on my 1712 recently and decided to get it sighted in today for this weekends silhouette shoot (informal, non sanctioned, etc). My normal range wasn't an option today, so I threw some materials in the truck for a makeshift bench and headed out. My bench was a Walmart folding table, and a metal folding chair. It seemed like it would be a good bench, it turned out to be pretty wobbly... It was fine for what I went out to accomplish (basic sight in), but definitely not on par for any precision work.

While getting sighted in I found one of these targets in the bottom of my range bag from a couple months ago, so I figured why not

Scored 21 tacks out of 25 possible. I was fairly pleased under the circumstances. I'll try again on a solid rest, I feel pretty confident it can get on the 50 yard list under the right conditions, and should be able to go clean at 25 yards.

Anschutz 1712 Meister Grade
Leupold 6.5-20 EFR w/ Talley rings