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Okay, one more time! :)

Got chased out of the range yesterday by incoming rain showers, hadda go back today to take care of some unfinished business...

Added the old 3-9 scope to the FS and went to dance with wolves..

the rifle:

The target (24 tacks driven/personal best so far):

The ammo:

The stats:
Cow 54
CZ 452 FS (my mini-mauser mannlicher mountain carbine)
Wolf MT
25 yds, 24 tacks

Kind of a misty morning - folks anywhere else but here would say it was drizzling, calm wind, temps in the mid 60's.

Shot a few mags to get woke up and the rifle settled in, and to get the scope ranged in on the target. Seemed to be doing okay, so proceeded to shoot the tacks and DARN if it didn't turn out better than expected!

Pay no attention to the one flyer.. ..it was my fault for not discarding that one from the box before shooting.

First tack-target of the day, and it was a keeper! You know, I almost hate it when that happens, cause now I'm only at the range for about 1/2 hour and already got my target..... NOW WHAT??... sheesh.. had to break out another rifle for ammo testing just to have something constructive to do for the rest of the afternoon..

PS: Happy Independence Day everyone!