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I've been eying this game for a while, but kept forgetting to print these targets off before I headed out to the range. I woke up this morning and for the first time in weeks my allergies were under control and the wind was relatively cooperative. It looked like a good morning to head to the range with these targets

When I left the range I didn't think my target would qualify, but after getting home and checking it with a plug it just barely squeeeks by. Shot at 50 yards with a Winchester 52C sporter wearing a Leupold M8 24x and some Eley Tenex. Winds were pretty calm when I first got there, but after a little ammo testing and sighting in the wind had picked up to about 10 mph. I had planned to shoot at 25 yards also, but the scope that's currently mounted only focuses down to 40 yards so that was a no go for now.

I also brought my 40x sporter to shoot with, and I grabbed two partial boxes of the Midas+ that it likes, but they were different lot numbers... I figured I would be better off to just wait. I had a lot of fun playing this game and intend to shoot again in the near future with other guns and at 25 yards! Thanks guys for coming up with a game that made for a really fun morning

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