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Exceptionally nice day here in the Pac NW, so naturally we went to the range ...no agenda, just went to play and get the latest arrival settled in some more.

Wifama Wz.78, built in Lodz (Poland) in 1991 as a trainer for their ROTC kadetskis, never issued or fired until she came here to live this Valentine's Day

Still in the ammo-testing stage of development, of the 4 flavors we tried today she notably likes Wolf the best.

23 of 25 tacks (barely - I had to look real good at the middle tack in the left column, but it broke the inside line - barely!)

The more I shoot this thing, the more I'm liking her... not bad results for a $250 rifle wearing a $75.00 scope ..and it just keeps getting better!!

Wifama Wz.78 - Simmons 22 Mag 3-9x32 AO
Wolf MT @ 25 yds
Light wind, sunny, temps mid-70's
Rock BR-1000 in front, Protektor bunny ears in back

(being that it IS Polish, I had to keep checking to make sure that all the boolits were facing in the same direction in the magazines, other than that was a fun day!)