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Apples and Oranges

The Winchester 1894 is lightweight, flat and fast-handling.
And, its later iterations was engineered to cope with higher pressure generated by smokeless .30-.30 loads.
The '94 receiver is no stronger than it needs to be.

Cycling the action is quick and smooth with a slight feeling of looseness
while sounding of a dull clack-clack with a click thrown-in somewhere.

A near perfect match with the smokeless .30-.30 WIN.
With top ejection, iron sights (open or peep) are the staple of the '94.

Winchester Model 1894 Classic Gun Review
The traditional design of the Model 94 had some drawbacks.
Paramount among these was its top ejection, which made low and overbore scope mounting impossible.
While the Marlin 336 is more robust and feels more precisely manufactured.
However, it is proportionally heavier.

With respect to the .30-.30 WIN cartridge, the 336 receiver is stronger than it needs to be.

Cycling the action quickly requires a deliberate act accompanied with snicks
and a quiet subdued slap of the lever indicating certain lock-up.

If you're a handloader, this gives some latitude for load development.
With side ejection and a solid, flat-top, receiver the current versions are optimized for optical sights.

The Marlin Models 308, 336, 444, and 1895
Perhaps the biggest advantage possessed by all of the Marlin lever action rifles is their solid top receivers,
which strengthens the action and allows a telescopic sight to be mounted low and overbore a snap.
So, what's your preference ... iron sights or optical sights.
Compared: Marlin Model 336 and Winchester Model 94
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