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Sheridan .20 Caliber with Weaver V22 on Sheridan Mount

Originally Posted by 2mene22s View Post
Be careful with the inter mounts don't over tighten them
- you can pull the barrel loose from the air tube- Its soft soldered ....
Originally Posted by TEDDY BEAR RAT View Post
The aforementioned admonitions are wise, indeed.
The barrel is made of brass and will detach with not-too-much leverage.
I remember very clearly the stern warning on the cantilever-style tip-off scope mount
that I later purchased for the rifle.
It also attached to the barrel, and the instructions warned strongly
that overtightening would detach and ruin the barrel.
If you can locate an OEM Sheridan mount ... use it instead.
The OEM mount takes into account the specifics of Sheridan design.

Here are a few photos that I found that illustrate the scope and mounting system
I used on my Racine Sheridan.
Sheridan .20 with Weaver V22 Telescopic Sight on Sheridan Mount

This is not my personal airgun.
But, it is configured almost exactly as my Sherdian was special ordered.

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