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QUIET: Beeman HW97K vs Air Arms TX200 MkIII

Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
In terms of quiet ... both of these rifles are running neck-to-neck.

Decibel Level Tests
HW97 (.177) ... 90 decibels
TX200 MkIV (.177) ... 91 decibels

A Swingline light duty stapler into a piece of wood ... 93 decibels
Subjective Noise Rating
TX200 MkIII ... Loudness: 3-Medium
HW97K ... Loudness: 3-Medium
Recently I came across some sound testing information on the TX200MkIII
_and the HW97K that was conducted by the same evaluator.
Essentially, the noise measurements were replicated under the same conditions.
And, some revealing results were compiled.

With this in-mind, it is seemingly evident that the TX200 and HW97K
_are not really head-to-head contenders in terms of noise suppression.
As the TX200 has a shrouded barrel with baffles.
While the U.S. model of the HW97 has a muzzle brake with no internal baffling.
Which is not the case with the European 97K version ... with an integral silencer.

Subjectively ... they may be close, but not quite as close as I had originally concluded
and as instrumented air pressure measurements objectively verify.
Beeman HW97K

Beeman HW97 underlever air rifle - Airgun Reporter Episode #52 ... 102 dbm

Air Arms TX200 MkIII

Air Arms TX200 - AGR Episode #20 ... 86 dbm
Note: See Full Length Video Episode 20 at Pyramyd Air brings Paul Capello's Airgun Reporter

An interesting aspect of decibel measurement, a three db increment results
_in a 10-fold increase in sound pressure.
But, moving on to twenty db there is a 100-fold magnitude change ... geometric progression.
As such, a small decibel increase results a disproportionately greater increase in measurable sound pressure.
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