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Mountain Rifle: 3-Shots ... Cool Down ... Repeat

Originally Posted by cgv69 View Post
As far as how many shots am I going to take well in the field, hopefully no more then one
but I'm not one of those guys who thinks a "hunting rifle" only needs
to be shot 3 times at the range to verify zero and consider it GTG.
Realistically, for a mountain or ultralight rifle.
It's 3-shots ... then, a cool-down.
Before another 3-shot string.
Otherwise, poi may be shifting.

The object is to set a cold barrel zero.
Then verify the poi of one-shot from a cold barrel.

All of this for that all important single shot of the day
that will be from a stone cold barrel.
This is the price that you pay for a lightweight pencil barrel.
Originally Posted by cgv69 View Post
I plan to shoot and practice with often.
If you're planning on practicing a lot,
a medium contour barrel would make a much better choice.
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