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Savage Actions

I subscribe to SavageShooters.com and/or Savage Shooters Forum.
The information below is from that forum:
Savage Firearm Tech > Savage Bolt-Action Centerfires >
Frequently Asked Questions > Savage Action Lengths
If you become serious about Savage rifles and familiarizing yourself with them
a subscription to Savage Shooters will accelerate your learning curve.

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
I did not mention Savage because it is not a short action.
It is a blocked long action...
Yes and No.
Long Actions:
From 1988 to 1997 all Savage bolt-action rifles were made on long-actions.

Those chambered for short-action cartridges have a shorter magazine feed port cut
to work with the existing short-action magazine boxes from previous years.

As such, even though the action is technically a long action you can not mount
a long-action cartridge magazine to it without having the feed port lengthened.

Over time, the use of a multipurpose long action receiver for all calibers ... changed.
And, gave way to true short action receivers.

Savage Action Lengths
All Long Actions = 5.062" (1958 to present, staggered feed magazine)
1st. Gen Short Actions = 4.522" (1959 to 1987, staggered feed magazine)
2nd Gen Short Actions = 4.275" (1998 to 2006, staggered feed magazine)
3rd Gen Short Actions = 4.400" (2006 and up, center-feed magazine, not shown in photo below)
2nd Generation Short Actions:
The 2nd Generation short actions are what most people are familiar with.
These were introduced in 1998 and remained in production through the better part of 2006
which was the transition year to the new 3rd Generation short actions.

The 2nd Generation short action is approximately 0.850" shorter than a long action,
or approximately 0.310" shorter than the 1st Generation short action.
3rd Generation Short Actions:
all the short actions now feature the 3rd Generation screw spacing of 4.400".

NOTE: Overall short action length did not change any from the 2nd Generation to the 3rd Generation. Only the screw spacing changed.
Reference: Savage Centerfire Action Lengths
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