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Problems With Super Long VLD Bullets

Originally Posted by Ron AKA View Post
One issue with the .260 may be the magazine length.
It might limit your ability to get bullets out to the lands.
With the super-long VLD bullets this is true.
With more conventional, non-VLD bullets ... COL problems may be avoided.

Do Berger bullets not work in some magazines?
The reason is simple, Berger makes a VLD profile bullet.
Very Low Drag, to achieve this the bullet is generally longer
and a sleek sharp point to boat tail shape.

So, if I am reloading and seat the Berger VLD bullet just off the lands and groove
of the rifling the loaded cartridge is usually too long for many rifle magazines.

Solution is to single feed the rounds into the chamber for the best performance.

Not always the best idea in a hunting situation but fine for a target shooter.
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