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Sheridan 5mm Made in Racine vs Crosman-Benjamin-Sheridan .20 Caliber

Originally Posted by handyandy View Post
Best scope setup for a Sheridan (or current Benjamin) is the scout mounted pistol scope.
I once owned an early 80's Blue Streak ... passed it on to a boy in Waco.
Initially, I mounted a Weaver rimfire scope in the conventional position with a high mount
_so I could use the factory mounted peep sights I special ordered.
I quickly stopped using the scope because it was difficult to retain zero.
And, it was hard to pump-up my Sheridan.
In hindsight, the scout mounting position makes a lot of sense.

Originally Posted by handyandy View Post
Any Sheridan made in Racine is worth owning.
Yep, I whole heartedly agree.
I've examined the contemporary Benjamin-Sheridan and ... it is not a true Racine Sheridan - but, in name only.
In fact, the current Crosman-Benjamin-Sheridan is rooted in the Benjamin 397/392 series - except in .20 caliber.
That Crosman insists on attaching the Sheridan name to the Benjamin 39X ... I find disconcerting.

As such, being a former Sheridan Racine owner I wouldn't consider buying a Benjamin 39X in .20 caliber.
Irrational? ... Perhaps.
But, I just don't like the idea of the Crosman marketing department considering me
_and other former Sheridan Racine owners to be so uninformed and gullible as to accept this.
Crosman would do better by relabeling their .20 caliber as a Benjamin 395 (5 for 5mm).

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