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Savage Model 25 Lightweight Varminter Series

Originally Posted by Sophia View Post
Looking for recommendations on a rifle-scope package to do double duty on varmints and predators.
Total budget $1,000. Looking at something chambered in .223 Remington with MOA accuracy.

Needs to be heavy enough in stock and barrel for prairie dog shooting (shot strings of 10 - 15 rounds between cooling sessions).
Needs to be light enough for carry from vehicle to a coyote stand ...
maybe a half-mile or so... and handy enough to get on a trotting coyote.
You're asking a lot from a conventional rifle and scope combination that costs less
than a thousand dollars.
For a conventional rifle, ... too many requirements ... for too few dollars - I think.

However, the Savage Lightweight Varminter Series may provide a solution
in the form of the 25 Walking Varminter or 25 Lightweight Varminter

Originally Posted by Sophia View Post
Aside from the camo, what are the differences between the Model 10 (or Model 12) and the 25?
Savage Model 25 .223 Caliber Lightweight Varminter Bolt-Action Rifle
I like the new Model 25 Savage.
It is scaled to better suit the smaller varmint cartridges like the .223 Remington.
It is much handier and less expensive than the comparable rifle in the Model 12 line;
the 12 Varminter Low Profile.
While the 12 is a fine rifle, you will save about two pounds of weight and $350
by going with the Model 25 instead.
The best part is, you still get the AccuTrigger, a high-polish blued finish, a laminated stock,
and are giving up nothing in accuracy.
That 350 bucks will go a long way towards the purchase of a quality scope,
and the lighter weight makes the gun handle more like your favorite deer rifle
than an artillery piece.
Kinda sums it all-up quite well.
The Savage Model 25 Lightweight Varminter goes a long way in meeting most,
if not all, of your criteria.

Originally Posted by RUD View Post
Sophia, since you are CZ fan I think the 527 sporter in .223Rem
with a Weaver or Sightron 4-16 power would be a great combo for you.
Savage Model 25 Classic Sporter .223 Rifle
Comparing the Savage Model 25 to a CZ 527 American I also had at the range that day,
I could not decide which rifle was the most accurate.
I concluded that, as a practical matter, both the Savage Model 25 and the CZ
could place bullets far more precisely than I could in field conditions.
The difference of 1/8th inch in group size either way came down to specific ammo
for the individual rifle.

Varmints Beware: Savage’s New Model 25 Is Out There
Savage Model 25 Lightweight Varminter
Savage Model 25 Lightweight Varminter
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