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Test Run...

Well I went and shot a 4x20 this weekend as a test. I have to say, I'm humbled...

23's Dad, CA
Smallbore Rifle-Aperture Sights
641 (141 Offhand, 145 Kneeling, 172 Sitting, 183 Prone)
Remington 37, RWS Rifle Match ammo, Factory Rear, TigerSight Front, Factory trigger
50-ft, Indoor, A-17 Target, heavy downdraft in lane from blower.


I didn't post the kneeling and offhand targets. I had the targets set on the frame in a 2x2 layout, and crossfired onto the kneeling target during the offhand - that will MESS with your head. Lesson learned. Anyway, I shot 2 rounds per A-17 because I didn't want to just burn thru targets when I'm doing the scoring anyway. We hadn't specified a round count per bull - yet, but the NRA rules say 1/bull for official matches. I can see doing it that way for ease at the scoring table, but targets cost $$.

Anyway, I could give you a whole list of alibis (excuses) for these scores, but I'll save them for the next few months. Maybe by then, I'll get some things figured out...