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Contemporary CM-2 or Surplus VOSTOK CM-2

Originally Posted by aratron View Post
Thanks for all the info.
I actually shot them for some time in our local rifle club....
And simply fall in love with them....
Were you firing the contemporary version of the CM-2 or a vintage VOSTOK CM-2?
If you had handled the new models.
Perhaps, you would be better-off purchasing a good, clean, used rifle versus a surplus CM-2.
Charlotte has had a lot of experiance in improving the contemporary version.
I would search for her threads and posts - double click on Search below ... then, Search Now.
CM-2 Pictures ... Charlotte
Search: Keyword(s): match, rifle ; Posts Made By: Charlotte ; Forum: Russian Rimfires & Biathlon and child forums
Originally Posted by midwest swiss View Post
The best deal is the older Ural rifles...
then the CM-2 next....
The VOSTOK Ural rifles are more sophisticated that the entry-level VOSTOk CM-2's.
By virtue of the three-lug lock-up.

Regardless of which vintage VOSTOK rifle you purchase.
Be aware that spare parts are virtually non-existent.

By the way, have you taken a gander at RET's excellent thread:
Ural Overhaul X .... RET
And, here's some more stuff for you to read.
Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
VOSTOK CM-2 & Ural (УРАЛ) Rimfires Redone
Front sight tube diameter? ..... For Vostok Ural and Vostok CM-2
VOSTOK Different Model Variations

RimFire Technologies rails on my URAL..lots of pics
Public Notice from the former Rimfire Technologies Web site Administrator

Anschutz, CZ, Sako Quad, Savage or Marlin
Rimfire Technologies rails are HERE!!!

Adjustable iris? ... VOSTOK CM-2 & Ural Rear Sight Apertures Compared

цена 1 щелчка на 50м - 2.5мм ... 1 click at 50 meters is 2.5 millimeters | SweetGun

soon to arrive cm-2 vostok | frisky-maddog ... Side Dovetail Dimensions by AzizaVFR

Ural CM-2 Bolt Disassembly | RET

How to Disassemble CM-2 Bolt

Vostock CM2 Bolt Re-Assembly - pawn

Vintage VOSTOK: CM-2 Bolt Disassembly & Reassembly ... Video by midwest swiss

New Article About The Vostok | ultramag44

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