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Progressive Trigger Pull

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Where the "problem" with the Glock comes in is the light, short trigger.
Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Glock has a very short trigger pull and this what gets folks into trouble.
After thinking about this for sometime,
For the most part, I believe you hit the nail on the head.
If my memory servers me correctly.
My impression of the Glock triggers - compared to a revolver.
Were as you related short-stroke, light trigger pull.
But, a light trigger pull clearly stands-out in my mind.

But, after doing some research.
The Glock trigger travel is not (in actuality) very-short.
But, it does (or did) seem that way.
Perhaps, the real culprit is a the lack of significantly increasing resistance
as the trigger travel increases.

The Enigmatic Glock Trigger
The length of the Glock trigger pull from beginning to end is about a half-inch,
but the final stage that fires the gun is only 1/8 of an inch.

The trigger pull weight of stock Glock pistols is about seven or eight pounds,
varying slightly from gun to gun, primarily determined by the angled surface
of the “connector” which is the crucial part involved in the final release
and which requires a nominal effort of 5.5 pounds to activate.
In a progressive trigger, as the trigger travel increases
the trigger resistance gradually increases in linear and proportionate manner.
I don't recall the triggers on my Glocks to be very progressive.
But, they are technically progressive.

Glock>Accessories>Disconnector ... See Trigger Diagram
~ 2.5 kg / 5.5 lb.
Most GLOCK pistols are fitted at the factory with 2,5 kg / 5.5 lb Trigger Pull.
In this way the trigger characteristics are optimally matched to the needs
of most users with a defined point of depression.

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
The difference is the KAHR and the SIG DAK never go to HEAVY DA or light SA.
They are light DA.
A progressive trigger matters.
When increasing resistance to expended effort occurs,
it is a natural/normal indication that a peak is about to occur.
A progressive pull literally (physically) warns the shooter
that "something is about to happen."

In the real world, the distinction between a light SA trigger pull
and a progressively heavier DA trigger pull does matter.
And, in my mind, a progressive trigger is critical in indicating
the imminence of a discharge to the shooter.
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