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Walther P99AS

For all the perceived shortcomings of the Glock series there is a solution.
It is the Walther P99AS (Anti-Stress Trigger).

Walther P99
One feature, unique to the P99 series pistol triggers,
is that despite being striker-fired,
these pistols do not require the user to press the trigger
during disassembly to disconnect the sear from the firing pin.

This is done by using the decocking button, built into the top of the slide.
Years ago I owned a Glock 17, 19 and 26.
I was more than satisfied until I handled a Walther P99 at a gun show
in Fort Worth, TX - Amon Carter Center.
And, the Anti-Stress Trigger was explained and demonstrated to me
by a knowleable owner.

P99AS (Anti-stress)
Prior to 2004, there was no designation for the double action trigger
which WaltherŪ now markets as the P99AS ("Anti-Stress") trigger.

It is called anti-stress because the trigger pull is the same length
for the first shot, regardless of single or double-action.

The anti-stress trigger functions as a sort of two-stage trigger, lessening
the possibility of unintentional "reflex" firing in stressful situations.
At that moment in my mind, it became evident the Walther was
a distinct improvement over the Glock ... I was sold.
That is, I sold all my Glocks and acquired a P99AS and never looked back.

From the larger take-down tabs, to the loaded chamber indicator
and de-cocking button.
These features of the Walther are indicative of the additional functions
that are an improvement over the Glock.
The WaltherŪ P99 uses an internal striker as opposed to an external hammer,
with a red-painted striker tip that protrudes from rear of the slide
when the gun is cocked, as well as a chamber loaded indicator
on the right side of the slide.

The WaltherŪ P99 includes a decocking button, four internal safeties,
tool-less takedown, accessory rail, and sights adjustable
for both windage and elevation.

The WaltherŪ P99 also features interchangeable grip backstraps
of varying sizes for different users
and an ambidextrous magazine release incorporated into the trigger guard.
The Anti-Stress trigger system must be handled in-order
to fully appreciate its operation and function.
After owing a P99AS for some months, I became fully convinced
of the Anti-Stress system by a Walther advertizing flyer
I obtained directly from Germany.

By the way, the impression of the P99 has left on me is still evident.
So much so ... I still have the original factory flyer even though
I currently don't own a P99.
I sold my Walther P99AS a few years ago because I could not buy
a complimentry Walther .22lr trainer - another story.
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