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Hi Hutch,
Putting the Anschutz rear sight on the CM-2 is sort of a no brainer. Although it doesn't really fit I slid a piece of piano wire underneath the dovetail on one side and tightened the screws down and that was it. It's rock solid and I've never had a problem. I actually position the rear sight on the dovetail with the screws loose and then slide the wire into the gap on the left side of the dovetail, but you can do it on the right side if you prefer.
The only excuse I would have for rebarreling a CM-2 would be if I had a Cadet model. I'd want longer and heavier, but otherwise I can't see why anyone would want to rebarrel a CM-2 unless it had a bad bore. Accuracy on my CM-2 leaves nothing to be desired. Maybe an avid benchrest shooter would find it lacking but then most avid benchrest shooters find Anschutz factory barrels lacking. Even with Anschutz rifles, some are better than others, so I'm sure there is a CM-2 out there somewhere that may be better than mine and some that may be a little less than mine. With good ammo the gun will hold the X ring on any NRA 50 or 100 yd target.
The modifications needed for the rifle are
1. a new accessory rail $12 and handstop $27.50-$32.00 champchoice
2. adjustable cheekpiece $165 masterclass stocks doing the installation
3. plastic inserts for front globe $20
4. send the rear sight to Altius and have the sight rethreaded to 9.5X1m so that you can use aftermarket adjustable irises. Don't know the price on that but should be very cheap and certainly way, way, way cheaper than buying an Anschutz rear sight. I have mine because I have a 1907 Anschutz and did not buy it for my CM-2. So, easily under $300 not counting having the rail installed.
I shoot against 1913's, 2013's, G&E's and do not feel outgunned. People look down on the CM-2 and I think it's a combination of lack of familiarity with the gun and the rifle looks a little on the crude side compared to an Annie.
The trigger is not as good as the Anschutz trigger, it's somewhat heavier meaning you have to execute better trigger control.
That's it. So for about $900 total you are in business including sights and sling.
I suggest you practice with SK Std Plus or Wolf MT and use it as your match ammo for the early part of your involvement. Once your scores start to climb switch to better match ammo and save the SK or Wolf for practice.
I'm human, I'd love a nicer rifle but I wouldn't dare change rifles right now because of my last match. I'm 160 shots into the 700 required to get my next classification. I'm thoroughly familiar and confident with my CM2 and my ammo and if someone gave me a $7000 Bleiker I wouldn't shoot it till I have that new classification card in my hand.
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