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.177 ??? ... Maybe a .20 or .22 would be Better

Originally Posted by 8th ID View Post
... but will a .177 do the trick on squirrels....?
Target Area, Pellet Energy, Velocity and Range
Yes, but shot placement is critical and the pellet must retain sufficient velocity at range for a clean kill.
Considering your primary prey and budget, a .20 or .22 caliber rifle
maybe the better choice for humane kills at 30 to 35 yards.

Hunt with the Sheridan Blue Streak air rifle by B.B. Pelletier

The Blue Streak (or Silver Streak, for that matter) has enough energy to kill a rabbit at 35 yards.
Either a heart shot or a head shot is good for cottontails.

If the game is squirrels, the target size shrinks to one inch.
Squirrels are tougher and take more energy to put down.

Try for a head shot because a squirrel hit in the body may run away.
"So, what airguns do you recommend now, Dr. Beeman?"
For airguns of any significant power, I would always select .22 caliber over .177,
but I strongly believe that .20 (5mm) caliber is a much better choice than either one.
If you really want more projectile diameter and weight, try very hard to simply skip over .22 caliber
and get the much superior .25 caliber -
but I would always recommend .25 caliber as an addition to having a fine .20 caliber airgun, not as a substitute.
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