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Long Range Sparrow Solution

A couple of days ago a thread by Number10GI prompted me to re-think
my sparrow problem and solution.
From short-range scenarios to consider engaging the pesky sparrows at longer range.
Originally Posted by Number10GI View Post
I want an air rifle to use in my back yard (live in subdivision in the country,
large field behind house) to practice for small bore and pistol cartridge rifle silhouette...
I'm not too interested in PCP and not at all in C02 models.
Moreover for me, quiet needs to be introduced into the mix.
So, I went-out and measured what presented itself as a realistic shot from a concealed position.
As it turns-out, a 105-foot shot easily stands-out ... maybe, even 120-foot is not out of the question.

And, it dawned on me that Field Target rifle might fill-the-bill for me (and Number10GI) quite nicely.
Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
... An Air Arms TX200, Air Arms ProSport, Weihrauch HW97K and Beeman R7
have definite Field Target competition connections.
In the long run, the outstanding qualities of these air guns will engender your passion for shooting ....
more so than a best for hunting air rifle.
What immediately came to mind were ...
Beeman HW97 MkIII Air Rifle

Air Arms TX200 Walnut Air Rifle

In terms of quiet ... both of these rifles are running neck-to-neck.

Decibel Level Tests
HW97 (.177) ... 90 decibels
TX200 MkIV (.177) ... 91 decibels

A Swingline light duty stapler into a piece of wood ... 93 decibels
Subjective Noise Rating
TX200 MkIII ... Loudness: 3-Medium
HW97K ... Loudness: 3-Medium
Air Arms TX200 vs the Weihrauch HW97K
First up was the 97k ... On the range the Weihrauch felt solid
and well engineered – every inch a thoroughbred.
The actual firing cycle was crisp and more of a refined snap with no spring twang whatsoever.
Accuracy followed, and a ragged cluster measuring just less than half an inch at 35yds
reminded me why the ‘77 had been so dominant back in the ‘80’s.

The TX didn’t disappoint either, and with nylon bearings causing the piston to glide,
a refined, tuned feel is what we have come to expect.
It didn’t like the German pellets though, and they seemed much tighter in the TX barrel,
but over the same 35yds, a competent group of just over half inch was soon on show with JSB pellets.

Making a final choice is the tricky part, but one things for sure – they’re a class act
and capable of taking on any challenge, whether hunting, HFT or even recoil class Field Target.
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