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Compressed Air/CO2 Safety ... HPA Cylinder Filling ... CO2 Bulk Filling

At the risk being repetitious,
I stumbled upon an excellent article on COMPRESSED AIR/CO2 SAFETY.

The pdf file provides outstanding information on:
... Handling of Compressed Air and CO2
... Filling Compressed Air Gun Cylinders
... Two-Tank Filling or Cascading
... Filling CO2Cylinders
For me, the article has removed all the mystery of HPA cylinder filling and CO2 bulk filling.
For those of you not familiar with PCP or CO2 cylinder filling ... the file is well worth your time to read.
The safety guide answered many questions about HPA and CO2 I had formed after reading
the following threads:

Originally Posted by briang2ad View Post
2) Please tell me about "bulk fill CO2" and what you need....
Originally Posted by DoogieB View Post
Bulk-fill C02 guns can and should be stored pressurized.
The QB78, like my CR150, vents the C02 powerlet directly into the tube
and are basically bulk-fill guns without a fill nipple.
That's why you can convert a QB78 to bulk C02 just by changing the cap.

More modern designs like the 2240 feed directly off the powerlet
with an o-ring providing the seal.
This o-ring tends to flatten if stored with a powerlet, at least on the 2240.
What is a Good Air Rifle for Highpower Practice?
In shooting a CO2 powered airgun you will increase the fun factor
as well as the price of shooting.

It is nice not having to cock the rifle for each shot, but you have some more
equipment to buy.

The most expensive way to shoot is to use the typical 12 gram CO2
cartridges–the ones you’re familiar with from your youth.

The QB 78 will take two of these and get about 40 shots.

The very cheapest way (that requires the greatest up-front investment)
is to get your own bulk-fill system including a 20 or 55 pound CO2 tank.

In fact, if you purchase the Daisy 888, this is what you must do if you want
to avoid running to the paintball store every week.

The fill aparatus (a hose with a couple of valves) costs about $50,
and a tank with CO2 will cost you anywhere from $55 to $150 depending
on how resourceful you are in finding a deal.
A Guide to Compressed Air Usage
Compressed Airguns
Filling Air Cylinders with a Hand Pump
Shooting CO2 Match Pistols
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