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Glossy Stock, Deep Blue and Clean Classic Lines ... Facade?!?!?!

Originally Posted by briang2ad View Post
... That Air Rifle REALLY looks like junk!
I'd advise caution.
A glossy stock, deep blue and clean classic lines may not equate to good
accuracy and fine workmanship - facade.

Back in the sixties, a firearms trading company, I believe it was Interarms,
imported some very good-looking rifles from Turkey.
I handled some of these rifles at a part-time job I had in the sporting
goods section of Leonard's Department Store in Fort Worth, Texas.
I was very impressed ... "glossy stock, deep blue and clean classic lines."
But, I never bought one of these Turkish rifles.

Years later, in an article in Guns & Ammo magazine I learned about some of
the manufacturing techniques used in their indigenous firearms production.
Primitive and crude came to mind.
The machining and assembly area had a dirt floor.
However, the precision machining equipment were set
on a concrete pads in the dirt floor.

The resultant poor quality engendered equally poor accuracy.
To say the least, these early eastern imports were delightful to the eye.
But, did not shoot well.
Primarily because of sub-American standard production methods.

In terms of quality, the Chinese are where the Japanese were in the early sixties.
An emerging mass producer with few national standards and massive quality control issues.
The Chinese have put a man into orbital space.
Producing air guns is not rocket science.
Could be, their air gun manufacturing capabilities and production methods will catch-up ... eventually.

As it stands ... For now, I have my doubts - I could be wrong.
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