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Sheridan .20 Caliber (5mm)

Originally Posted by 2mene22s View Post
An Older Sheridan Blue or silver streak w/Williams peep sights
and the old style cylindrical pellets
If I were in the market for a multi-stroke pneumatic ... the Sheridan would be it.
An older Sheridan is powerful, accurate and has a satisfactory trigger.
A Sheridan is sturdy, reliable, rebuildable and requires little maintenance.
As such, it has the potential to last a lifetime.

If you are interested in mounting a telescopic sight ... I would discourage doing so.
It is possible to mount a scope ... I've done it.
But, it is not convenient and maintaining zero required a lot of careful handling.
Also, a scope mounted in the conventional position makes pumping-up awkward and unnatural.
And, it is very easy to bump the optic in doing so.
However, if you are bound and determined to mount an optic
_ try it in a forward position - scout style.

At full-power a Sheridan 5mm is not a quiet airgun.
Even at four strokes it will attract attention.
If quiet is a concern a Sheridan will not go unnoticed.
What Does a Ole- Blue-Streak do to critters? REM341-P
Sheridan 5mm
Sheridan Blue Streak: Good Quality, Relatively Inexpensive, Accurate
Sheridan 5mm (.20 Caliber) with Williams Peep Sight
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