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Just how quiet is a Marauder?

Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
Benjamin Marauder, .22 Caliber - 85.7 db
Source: Benjamin Marauder Part 2 - AGR
Subjective Loudness: 2-Low-Medium

Decibel Ranking of Airguns
We took decibel readings of a number of common events to provide a basis of comparison.
The following can easily be duplicated at home.

All comparison tests were done at a distance of 6 ft.
An Arrow T50 heavy duty stapler into a piece of wood ... 97 decibels
A Swingline light duty stapler into a piece of wood ... 93 decibels
Empty soda can hitting a cement floor from shoulder height ... 86 decibels
Opening a full soda can ... 85 decibels
The sound of a doorbell ... 71 decibels

I just finished reading the following thread at the Yellow Forum.
I included the prior quotes as references to provide an objective perspective.
Just how quiet is a Marauder? Expand Thread - Mike on Jan 4, 2010, 12:33 PM
Great story Mike.
I have not done that around sleeping people
but sleeping pets don't stir around my .22 Marauder either
For me that is the definition of a truly quiet rifle.
The only other rifle that people and pets tolerate at all in my house is the HW55.
Very interesting, subjective, opinions on the noise generated by a Marauder.
Well worth your time to read.
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