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Beeman R7 ... Weihrauch HW 30 S

Originally Posted by Nightwing9 View Post
Springer's are almost always quieter than pumps or tanks.
Get a Beeman R7 or a RWS and have fun. IMHO
I've been steadfastly avoiding springers.
Why? The two-way recoil generated by springers.
That is capable of breaking reticles, destroying lens erectors and loosening scope mounts.

Beeman's Scopes
Be wary of putting any "firearm" scope on your air rifle as most will be broken
_ within a handful of shots (even many of the more expensive brands!)
_ due to the unique vibrations and double recoil of spring piston airguns.
Also, the perception that spring and piston airguns are difficult to shoot accurately.

Incorrect Shooting Techniques
Regular firearm dogma doesn't work on spring piston and gas spring airguns.
That is why many expert firearm marksmen can't shoot airguns accurately
_ and why many expert airgunners shoot regular firearms so well.
All this having been said, after viewing and listening to the following video
_ brought to my attention by DoogieB: R7vsMarauder 0001.
I have just ordered the HW30S , R7 equivalent
and, ... These are definitely as quiet as the Marauder....
I'm compelled to reconsider a springer.
Specifically, the Beeman R7 aka: Weihrauch HW 30 S

The Beeman R7 air rifle is, without question,
_ the finest intermediate sporting air rifle available anywhere.
We guarantee that once you have one in your hands you will agree
_ and won't want to put the air rifle down.
At just a shade over 6 pounds, the R7 is easy to pack around in the field with ease.
The gun still packs plenty of punch with velocities reaching 700 fps in the .177 caliber version.
The R7 is extremely accurate and has a very pleasant, smooth firing action....
One astounding omisison from the dealer and factory descriptions ...
_ not one mentions the quietness of the R7 spring piston airgun.

R7 (.177) Point Blank 88 Decibels
Interestingly enough,
_ the ranking of most guns in comparison to the other guns varied with the distance.
The exception to this was the R7,
_ which remained in 1st place as the quietest gun at all distances.
Beeman R7 .177 Review
The R7 is perfect for the backyard.
It is quiet, it is unbelievably accurate, and extremely easy too shot.
It probably does not make the neighbors very comfortable,
_but I think rifles with scopes have that effect on folks.
My 2nd Choice: Beemans R7 ... The Practical Alternative
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