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Sheridan 5mm (.20 Caliber) with Williams Peep Sight

A Sheridan 5mm (.20 caliber) with a Williams receiver peep sight.
Originally Posted by Not_Infringed View Post
Here is my Sheridan Silver Streak, with a Williams peep sight!
Shoots 5.0mm/.20 caliber pellets.
It will shoot the fly of it's wings!

I know that the MSRP is higher than your budget.
But, I think if you search the retail discount stores,
_ I think you will find a much better price.

The peep sight will be invaluable in developing basic marksmanship skills.
The older boys can help the younger ones to pump-up the rifle.
Five pumps is fine for plinking ... seven or eight strokes for hunting.

First and foremost, a Blue (or Silver) Streak is accurate and powerful.
Moreover, a Streak is durable, reliable, low-maintenance
_ and, lastly, a rebuildable pneumatic - at least mine was.
With a little care, it will last a generation or two ...
_ mine has - passed-on to a boy in Waco, Texas.

Originally Posted by j.r. guerra in s. texas View Post

They can be scoped, but the point where you naturally grab
_is where the mount is - kind of a pita...
I went a little overboard and installed tunnel mounts
_to use the irons - it works, but using scope is a little high.

If irons is the way you want to stay, then I recommend
_ a peep sight - really helps me work with it.

Reference Thread: What Does a Ole- Blue-Streak do to critters?
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