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BSA Ultra Multi ... Custom Marauder Carbine

With the advent of the Benjamin Katana, how long do you think
_ it will be before Benjamin introduces a variant of the Marauder?

What I would like to see is a carbine version
_ with an over-sized barrel shroud to keep the short barrel quiet.
Maybe, like something along the lines of the BSA Ultra Multi.

The Ultra’s compact dimensions seem just about perfect for sparrow sniping from a window.

I searched for a decibel reading for the Ultra.
And, what I’ve found indicates the carbine is relatively quiet - 84 db.
At least it is similarly noisy as the benchmark quietness
_ of the Marauder – 85.7 db (Source: Benjamin Marauder Part 2 - AGR)

The price listed at Airguns of Arizona places it at about a third more expensive than a Marauder.
My only concerns would be parts and service.

Considering the over-all length with a shrouded barrel is only six inches longer
_ than the Ultra, I wonder how quiet the BSA Ultra Multishot Bull Barrel would be?

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