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It's very easy. Just a rolling scrape on the emery board and as the saying goes, it's not rocket science.
The thing about competetive shooting is that you will do ANYTHING to improve your score. You'll spend yourself into the poor house for better scores. If I thought there was a better insert I'd use it. I'm at a point in my shooting now that as good as SK Std Plus is in my rifle I'm starting next season off planning to use Eley Tenex @ $165 per brick. I say that just to make the point that my scores are that important to me and in that respect I'm no different than any other competitor. Of course if it looks like it's not giving me an edge I'll switch back to SK. I will do whatever it takes to pick up 5 or more points in a 160 shot 1600 point match. If it will take me from the mid 1580's to the 1590's it's worth it to me.
I love the plastic inserts.

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